We know that you’ve been asking for Golden paints at Arthouse Northside for a number of years and we’re excited to finally have them in the shop.

American made, Golden Acrylic paints, have an exceptional reputation as a quality professional product.

We are thrilled to introduce Golden’s Heavy Body Acrylics to our comprehensive range of Acrylic paints & mediums.  We believe they offer a unique qualities that complement our Australian & European brands.

Buttery Texture

Golden’s Heavy Body acrylics have a reputation for being beautifully buttery to paint with and a joy for artists that love thicker styles of paint.

Unique Colours

The colour selection we have in the shop includes unique tones like Archival quality Fluro’s, Interference Blue & Gold and special mixes that don’t exist in our existing ranges.

Unique & Interesting Mediums

Adding to our already excellent range of Australian mediums, Golden offers some exciting and new options with textures at both the super heavy and light ends of the spectrum plus options with unique textures such as pumice stone & glass beads.

Art Materials With A Concious

Golden creates their art materials with a conscious with their factories working on renewable energy.  They also recycle their water to ensure that chemicals don’t leach into the local environment.  The company also makes a big effort to be a part of generating a healthy environment in their home state with rubbish clean ups and tree planting part of their staff programs.

Excellent Reputation

We know there is many fans of Golden in our artist community and to date there has been few places in Brisbane to buy them.  After years of requests we’ve found the space in the shop to stock 96 of the Golden Heavy Body colours plus their range of gels. 

The paints & gels are now available at Arthouse Northside with varnishes and mediums coming soon.