Art Spectrum is an Australian owned and operated company and one that Arthouse Northside proudly partners with.  We stock a broad range of their products including Paints, Pastels, Papers, Easels, Brushes, Palette Knifes, Mediums & Accessories.

They were founded in Melbourne by David Keys Snr, an artist and RMIT lecturer, and have grown to be the leading Fine Art brand in Australia, manufacturing Oil Colours, Watercolours, Gouache, Pastels, Inks, Primers, Mediums, Varnishes and Solvents. They are renowned for their unique Australian colours and traditional European methods.

It originated as a co-op run by a group of local painters who sourced knowledge and machinery required to produce materials that would meet the needs of the local art community.

Today Art Spectrum® is 100% Australian made and family owned with the strong artistic philosophy – carried on by David’s son, David and his partner Tamara.

To learn more about the Art Spectrum products you can ask us in the shop at Arthouse Northside or head to their website directly.  We are happy to custom order products for you if needed.