Art practice can be very solitary, yet our development and achievements rely heavily on our relationships and community.  The idea of calling yourself an artist, or being good enough to join an Art Society may seem incredibly intimidating, but its likely the benefits far outweigh the fears.

Perhaps you’re thinking the idea of an Art Society old fashioned, but if you follow along with our blog series introducing the many vibrant and active societies in the Brisbane area, you’ll see that they are far from it.  They offer so many benefits for artists, regardless of their skill level with opportunities to exhibit, learn, and connect with fellow artists interested in similar things.

Attend Classes & Workshops At Discounted Prices

Art Societies often run workshops & classes with professional artist to help you improve your skills in your chosen medium, or perhaps broaden your horizons and try a different medium.

Exhibit More Regularly

Get your artwork out into the public eye by exhibiting your artwork in both member and non-member exhibitions

Get Social With Fellow Artists

Having friends with common interests always spurs on a passion so expanding your artist network can only lead to making more art.

Gain Access To Resources

Some societies have physical presences which means they also offer libraries or retail outlets as a resource.

Keep In Touch

Stay connected with what’s happening in your local art community.

Collaboration Opportunities

For someone seeking to build their art career meeting fellow artists with greater experience may lead to the opportunity to find a mentor or a fellow artist to collaborate with for a future exhibition or project.

If joining a local art society sounds like something you would like to do then head to our Artist Resources Page on the website here —>

And if you’re still a little unsure, then find out more as we introduce our local art societies in coming months in more detail.

Keep Creating,