I love a good podcast… but I’m picky about the quality and content of what I want to hear. Over the past two years, I’ve discovered some absolute gems which have been essential for driving me in the right direction with my artistic practice. I wanted to share them with you because I think they’re valuable for anyone wanting to tap into their creativity or just expand their knowledge.

The number one podcast I recommend to every artist is The Savvy Painter by Antrese Wood. A practising artist herself, she interviews other artists in a conversational manner that is respectful, insightful and very much targeted at talking from an artist’s perspective. It’s essential listening when you just need to hear you’re not the only one and want insight into how other artists do what they do. What’s more, some of her guests are exceptional talents and well worth discovering in their own right. The podcast is professionally produced but still conversational to allow for easy listening. It’s published every other week and is available on all major podcast publishers.

Talking With Painters

Maria interviews top visual artists in Australia on her podcast and she has led to me discovering some beautiful works. Professionally produced and easy to listen to, there is enough balance of technical questions with general chatter to make it worth listening for artists and non-artists alike. The conversations give a wonderful insight into the practice of professional artists and the reality for anyone aspiring to this career. It really is the best way to get insight into the minds of some our best talent including Ben Quilty, Ken Done, Kathryn Del Barton and more.

Creative Pep Talk

A recent discovery after listening to Andy speak with Antrese on The Savvy Painter, this podcast is literally what it says. Andy does rant a little when he talks but there have been so many gems of knowledge that will make it well worth your patience. His topics are wide-ranging and relevant for anyone in the creative arts wanting to create a business, and he comes from not only a place of knowledge but also experience.

TED Talks

When I need to diversify my listening and hear something out of the box about our world this is my first choice… I love hearing about innovation, global conversations and actually hearing what I feel is more importantly REAL news, aside from the garbage pumped out by our commercial televisions stations on a nightly basis.

On Being

A little more spiritual, I love this podcast for its thoughtful conversation around human practice and beliefs. This podcast is not religious but does talk about the influence of religion on the person being interviewed. Some absolutely beautiful conversations for anyone interested in people.

Do you have an essential podcast that you recommend? Please let me know as I’m always looking for new ones to add to my collection.