I often recommend to people that they float frame the paintings I create as it maximizes the effects of my artwork with the natural ragged edges of the paper, but what does float framing mean?

Showing the edges of the artwork

Float framing is placing the artwork on top of the mount board and allowing the entire piece to be put on display.

'Connected' painting of eucalyptus flower by Leah Gay 2019 showing edges of artwork

Ragged edges & all

By placing the artwork on display in its entirety it means showing the ragged edges of the watercolour paper.

“Because I use water colour paper that is specifically designed to be this way I think it enhances the artwork”

It blurs the line between the piece being a painting and a textile and allows the natural shadows and lines of the paper to be as much a part of the artwork as the paint and threads.

It’s a particularly attractive method of framing artwork created on paper or fabric.

No Hiding

When it’s all on show there is no hiding bits that haven’t quite worked, and it does mean that the artwork may not be completely square or flat. This adds to the charm and in itself the authenticity of the artwork as an original painting that has been created on paper.

Framed 'Connected' painting of eucalyptus flowers by Leah Gay 2019

How do I get a painting float mounted?

Your local framing shop will offer the service of float mounting for you. It does sometimes cost a little more than standard framing because of the work involved but I think it’s worth it for the final outcome.