Watercolour Paints

In accordance with proven traditional methods of production, all Art Spectrum Artists’ Watercolours are carefully stone milled to enhance the individual brilliance of each carefully selected pigment, and to maximise its handling qualities, Art Spectrum watercolours have the distinct advantage of being composed only of lightfast pigments – for instance, Alizarin Crimson is not offered in the range because it is known to be fugitive. This has been replaced with a lightfast Permanent Crimson. Art Spectrum watercolours have a very high pigment content and thus give stronger tints and clean mixes. This fact, combined with the larger 10ml tubes, provides the watercolourist with outstanding value for money.

We carry the full range of Art Spectrum Watercolours.

Cotman Water Colours are a range of water colours that are made to our normal high quality standards but costs are kept to an economical level by replacing some of the more costly pigments with less expensive alternatives.

The range consists of 40 colours in tubes and pans which possess good transparency, excellent tinting strength and good working properties.  There are also a number of excellent water colour sets available in the Cotman range.

Unique pigments, selected care guaranteeing the highest possible lightfastness. Maximum concentration of pigment in each colour. Maximum transparency, lucidity and chromatic yield. Maximum quality and maximum care in manufacturing. Maximum purity of colour resulting from single pigment formula. Large 15ml tubes reduce packaging costs. 72 colours in 4 series.. Maimeri Blu are being claimed by many artists as the best watercolours in the world. They offer purity and clarity like no other brand. The binder is Gum Arabic from Kordofan in Sudan, a material of high value of which is recognised internationally. Moreover, particular attention is given to the total quality control process and the most precise scientific methods are employed to control the viscosity, optimum pigment size and consistent colour shading. All colours are intermixable without ever losing their clarity and brilliance, and are guaranteed to offer the highest degree of lightfastness possible for that pigment. On coming into contact with water Maimeri Blu will dissolve rapidly and in a homogenous way. The transparency and lightfastness of all the colours are indicated along with the chemical composition and reference to the colour index on each tube.

We stock all 72 colours.

Venezia Extrafine Watercolours.

The Venezia range comprises 36 colours in 15ml tubes at a single price for the serious watercolourist. All shades have been produced employing “state of the art”, recently developed and most transparent pigments available. This guarantees the highest level of lightfastness possible at the lowest price. Inorganic cadmium and cobalt pigments have been deliberately avoided in the Venezia range which should therefore be regarded a a watercolour series for the future given its concept of using only substances of maximum safety and top performance. All colours are certified non-toxic and are ASTM-D4236 rates.

We carry the full range of Venezia Watercolours in 15ml tubes.

Professional Artists’ Grade Watercolours

Horadam watercolours are created using only the best quality pigments available. Each pigment has been tested to comply with the highest standards of stability, resolubility and light fastness. The results are outstanding. Horadam Aquarell offers an assortment of 110 colours. 69 of these colours are formulated with one pigment only – an ideal for professional painting and colour mixing. We stock the full range in the 5ml tubes and a smaller range of the 15ml tubes and 1/2 pans.

Accordion Content

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