Artists’ Soft Pastels – Professional Quality

Art Spectrum Soft Pastels provide the artists with colours that are pure, brilliant and intense, and remain that way. The very best pigments are selected and triple milled at maximum concentration to bring out the finest colour and provide the rich, velvety bloom valued by pastellists. This method of production produces smouldering darks, brilliant and intense pure colours and a range of subtle delicate tints. All Art Spectrum pure pigment pastels are free from heavy metals, asbestos or other toxic substances.

Conte A Paris

 Conte Soft Pastels are manufactured using the finest pigments, blended with chalk, clay and other carefully selected components. The special blend provides a rich, velvet texture and strong, adhesive qualities. It’s suitability for large format work in particular, is attributed to the excellent coverage capacity of the pastels.

Available in 48 colours.

Conte Crayons

Used by masters such as Picasso, Degas and Delacroix for over a century, the Conte Crayon range is one of the finest pastel ranges available. Perfect for sketching or alternatively, black and white or colour work. The edges and ends cut into each crayon provide both the precision required for detailed line work, and are also suitable for larger applications such as a coloured background. The range consists of 84 colours and include 14 sketching shades.

Faber Castel Polychromos Artists’ Pastels

Polychromos artists’ pastels contain a high level of pigment, and are free of lubricants and wax. The crayons can be smudged to create fine transitions of colour. Harder than the soft pastel crayons, Polychromos crayons are well suited to drawing.  The square cross-section assists in the drawing of very fine details, as well as the shading of larger areas. Polychromos artists’ pastels are characterised by their stable consistency, economy of use and excellent adherence to paper, cardboard, wood and stone. Only minimal fixing is required, ensuring that the pastel drawings retain their vividness of colour. Polychromos artists’ pastel crayons can be ground into a fine pigment powder using sandpaper, and then mixed with oil, resin or an acrylic medium to form paint.

Rembrandt Soft Pastels

Rembrandt Soft Pastels are aimed at the very high standards of the professional artist and the amateur aspiring to perfection. The pastels are made from the purest pigments mixed with the finest quality kaolin. Rembrandt Soft Pastels have for years been the most popular artists’ pastels in the world. Rembrandt Pastels have a number of characteristics and unique features including the perfect degree of softness. They are so soft that a large amount of colour is immediately released, and yet hard enough not to powder quickly. The very high colour intensity and purity ensure that each piece of work has a brilliant finish. No pigments containing heavy metals are used, such as cadmium, lead and cobalt, in the production of Rembrandt Soft Pastels. A leading brand such as Rembrandt Soft Pastels has a wide and professional range of colours 203 to be exact. Whatever colour or mixed shade you are looking for it is there. So there is a maximum choice of colour. The Rembrandt assortment consists of 44 pure colours (full tones), 41 intermediate shades going towards black and 118 intermediate shades going towards white.

Schmincke – Finest extra-soft artists’ pastels

Working with Schmincke’s finest extra-soft pastels leads you back to the origin of colour and is a real painting experience rather than simple drawing.

They contain only the purest medium fine ground artists’ pigments, which are in the highest possible concentration. Contrastingly, the binding agent content, is kept to a minium, which ensures a stable compound. In order to guarantee the highest quality it is necessary to manufacture Schmincke  pastels using special recipes which avoid the use of machinery during manufacture.

‘Worm extruders’ form the pre-kneaded dough into round skeins, which are then detached by hand and cut in a wire-strung frame. The damp sticks have to dry for around eight days before they can be labelled and packed by hand.

This is a costly and time consuming process, however it is the only way Schmincke can guarantee homogenous quality and smoothness in all the production cycles, in order that the artist can be assured that his favourite colour shade is consistant throughout the range of finest extra-soft artists’ pastel colours.

The complete assortment includes 400 colours classified in 80 rows with 5 colours each. The range  contains also 5 additional pearl lustre effect colours.

Pan Pastel colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel packed in a unique pan format (cake like). The special qualities of PanPastel colors mean that artist can blend and apply dry colour like fluid paint for the first time. All PanPastel colors are made using a unique manufacturimg process requiring minimal binder and fillings, resulting in rich, ultra soft and superblendable volours. Each colour is loaded with the finest quality artists’ pigments for the most concentrated colours possible. The colours have excellent lightfastness and are fully erasable.Uniquely. for pastel colour, they can be mixed together for a complete painting palette. In addition to all the great benefits of using PanPastel – they are also packed in a format that is very convenient. The pan format protects the colours keeping them separate and clean in the studio and when transporting them. The pans thread securely together making it easier to store and organize colours, minimizing the amount of storage space required. Palette trays are also available. These functional palettes are the ideal way to load Pan Pastel in use, and also makes a storage of the colours quick and easy.

Arthouse Northside is the only art supply store in Brisbane with these new soft pastels available individually.
Experience soft creamy pastels that lay down smoothly and blend beautifully onto paper. The shape allows broad strokes for easy coverage, strong gestural marks and the ability to create detailed work.
Feel confident that you are using professional artists’ materials made from the highest quality lightfast pigments which are triple-milled to bring out the intensity of each colour.
Colours ranging from smouldering darks to delicate veils of highlight colours, all exhibiting the rich velvety bloom loved by pastel artists.
To celebrate the arrival of these new pastels we are offering 20% discount off individual pastels as well as sets.
At present we have the following sets available:-
Set of 20 – Temperate Landscape
Sets of 10 – Umber Earth
Ochre Sienna
Australian Earth
Turquoise Blues
As a Christmas Special we also have a wooden box set with the full colour range (180 colours) for $1045.80 (usually $1306.80)

*Please note that product availability can be affected by supply issues. If you are looking for a specific product, please feel free to call us on (07) 3869 2444 to check availability.

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