Daler Rowney Expressions Brushes


The Expression brush range is Daler Rowney’s premier brush specifically designed for the needs of decorative painters and features a unique “balanced handle”. More importantly the brush filling is a carefully blended mixture of synthetic filaments of different thicknesses, resulting in a blend with a smooth soft feel, which produces a fine point with controlled spring. This natural sable-like mixture provides enhanced control with enough resilience to perform perfectly every time. The unique short handle provides a comfortable grip to prevent fatigue during hours of painting with this feature being of particular appeal to artists with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. A Uniquely styled brush range that is suitable for use with all painting media.

• Bristle Basecoater E32
A large flat bristle brush with maximum colour retention, covers large areas.
• Flan Blender Series E47
For blending and creating special effects such as grass, foliage and fur.
• Script Liner Series E50
For long continuous strokes, thin lines and scrolling.
• Liner Series E51
For fine details, thin lines and borders
• Oval Mop Series E52
For softening and blending of areas and colours.
• Flat Wash/Glaze Series E55
For broad strokes and covering large areas.
• Angle Shader Series E57
For angled shapes and strokes, small area edging and blending.
• Flat Shader Series E60
For blending, sharp edges and short even strokes.
• Filbert Series E67
For rounded edges, blending, creating leaves and feathers
• Triple Loader Series E77
For 3 colour loading to create multi-coloured strokes, ribbons, leaves.

• Detail Spotter Series E81
For creating fine detail and precise lines.

• Pointed Round Series E85
For all manner of decorative strokes.

• Dagger Striper Series E100
For long strokes of varied widths, pinstripes, ribbons leaves etc.

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