Acrylic Paints

Interactive changes the whole painting process because the paint does not form a skin and dry in 10 – 15 minutes. Interactive works with the artist. You can now control the painting process with plenty of time to blend the paint and develop the painting aesthetically.

Interactive lets you work at your own pace. There is freedom at last to develop your skills to the fullest and freedom to enjoy the painting process.

The tacky, thick stage the paint goes through before drying is your signal to rehydrate and replace the water which is evaporating by using a water sprayer.

By spraying as often as needed. You maintain a good wet-in-wet working consistency for as long as you wish. If you do not spray, your painting will not interact.

Use your finger tips to judge whether the painting needs water. When you have used sufficient water, your fingers will glide over the wet paint surface.

Atelier Interactive dries at the same rate as any other acrylic. It just dries differently.

Interactive Unique Benefits

  • Can be adjusted and blended longer than conventional acrylics.
  • 75 colours are intense without a plastic look or feel.
  • Has a smooth, buttery consistency that dries satin.
  • Loses moisture gradually allowing an artist to control the drying process.
  • Wet-in-Wet painting can be altered, considered or developed in the artists’ own time rather than dictated by fast drying paint.
  • Wet-over-Dry painting can be easily integrated.
  • Exceptional colour shift as paint dries.
  • Available in 80ml, 250ml and selected 1 litre jars.

The best possible value for students learning to paint.

A2 builds confidence and experience in paint handling, by working like an artists paint

The same brilliance and clarity of colour as Atelier Artists Acrylic

  • The same high pigment loading as Atelier but using student grade pigments.
  • The same acrylic binder as atelier.
  • The same body and consistency as Atelier with excellent brush mark and retention like oil paint.
  • A2 dries to an attractive, low gloss finish, emphasising colour saturation and luminosity.
  • A2, like students’ quality paints is not intended for professional paints.
  • Chromacryl Mediums can be used with A2
  • Available in 120ml tubes and 250ml jars.

Jo Sonja’s Artists Colours are flow formula acrylics offering the opacity of colour and the beautiful, velvet matte finish associated with traditional gouache plus superb handling and brushing characteristics. Unlike gouache, they are water-resistant and will not chip or crack when cured.

Made from the finest quality pure pigments, the colours will remain vibrant and true for generations. They are safe, water based and clean up easily with soap and water.

Choose from 80 exceptional colours including metallics

Suitable for all surfaces including paper, papier mache’, card, canvas, wood, fabric, tin, terracotta, glass and tile.

Drying time may be accelerated with a hair dryer and warm/cool air blowing over the surface however colours have the added advantage of drying through each other, so additional layers can be applied within minutes, without lifting the colour underneath. The colours dry a little darker than they appear when wet, approximately one value difference. They will brighten with the application of varnish.

Only the finest quality pigments and ingredients are selected for the Matisse range of premium artists’ acrylic colours. All have the highest light fastness rating of ASTM 1 or 2. All Matisse paints are fully compatible with the range of Matisse Mediums working together to create a highly versatile painting system for all artists.

Matisse Structure Formula is rich impasto paint. Matisse Structure Formula paint is ideal for application with brush or palette knife for striking textured effects or combined with the range of Matisse Mediums for exceptional flexibility of application and finish.

The intense, vibrant colours of the Structure Formula paints cover the full colour spectrum, including several uniquely Australian colours.

PRIMAcryl is a heavy-body premium acrylic from Schminke that covers a rich and balanced range of 84 finest colours. The colours are non-yellowing and do not crack even in thick coats, providing that they are applied correctly. PRIMAcryl has a high solids content: high flow resistance with excellent painting properties. The Titanium White has the highest pigmentation, opacity and high spreading rat4e for brilliant mixtures. Almost no colour shift after drying, a new dimension in brilliance!

Made from the finest pigments and binders and utilizing the latest advances in polymer technology this paint is one of  the most fluid and vivid acrylics available. Use alone or mix with other acrylics to create more contrast and texture. Atelier Free Flow is ideal for creating ink, gouache or watercolour effects and can be used as an effective substitute for these products. It is lightfast and dries quickly to a waterproof, velvet matte finish with rich and vibrant colour. Very little (if any) dilution is required, ensuring the pigment strength is retained and makes painting light colours over dark to be far easier. The surface finish is smooth, even and neutral – perfect for works on paper and canvas.

*Please note that product availability can be affected by supply issues. If you are looking for a specific product, please feel free to call us on (07) 3869 2444 to check availability.

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